Track a Student's Graduation Status


You can obtain or edit information about a student's graduation status through two areas in Student Central. These locations correspond to two graduation-related statuses: degree checkout status and graduation review status.

Additionally, you can use graduation-specific search features in Student Central, or a certain PS Query, to obtain helpful reports.

Degree Checkout Status

  • The first location-consisting of the Student Program/Plan and Student Degrees tabs-provides basic graduation information for individual students.
    • The interface allows edits pertaining to program action/action reason and the degree checkout status.
    • Students and most staff can view the information processed through this location.

Graduation Review Status

  • The second location-the Graduation Tracking "worksheet"-provides areas to capture detailed progress-towards-graduation information for individual students.
    • This interface allows for detailed edits to the graduation review status.
    • It is available only to Registrar's Office staff and Deans' Offices personnel.

Graduation Tracking Search/PS Query

  • To search for groups of students based on various academic- and/or gradation-related criteria, you can use Student Central's Graduation Tracking Search functionality.
  • Alternately, to obtain a report likely to contain more than 300 students (the maximum number of records Student Central will display), you can use the FSU_SR_GRAD_LST PS Query as described below.

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How does degree checkout status in program/plan work?

Graduation tracking in Student Central's Student Program/Plan area combines features of the legacy system, like:

  • being able to apply online,
  • allowing only students eligible to graduate to apply, and
  • providing an interface through which students can edit the name as it appears on the diploma and the mailing address to which the diploma will be sent

with new features like:

  • being able to see if the student is eligible to apply for graduation by looking at his or her program/plan stack, and
  • not having to ask a student which degree he or she is applying for (i.e., MA versus MS, etc.) because that specific information is captured in the program/plan stack.

What happens at the start of the Graduation Cycle?

1. The Registrar's Office runs a job process that:

  • sets the expected graduation date to the current term, and
  • sets eligible students' degree status to eligible.

2. The Registrar's Office sends an email reminder to apply for graduation to eligible students.

3. The Deans' Offices handle:

  • major change requests to move students from CONV plans to degree plans,
  • any updates to student program/plan stacks for multiple degrees and double majors, and
  • identifying the students who have applied.

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How do I find information about a student's graduation checkout status using program/plan functionality?

Navigate to Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Career and Program Information>Student Program/Plan.

NOTE: Remember, to find a record you may need to scroll using the arrow buttons or click the View All link.

  • To add a record click the Plus (+) button.
  • On the Student Program tab, you can edit the Program Action (DATA)and Action Reason (GRAD) values, and the Expected Grad Term value (choose the correct term).

Student Program tab selections

On the Student Degrees tab, click the Degree Checkout Stat drop-down box to choose a value.

Student Degrees tab selections


Degree Checkout Status Values
Approved (meaning degree is approved but not posted)
Awarded (meaning degree has posted)
In Review  
Pending (FSU is not using this value)
Withdrawn (also know as self-deleted, or the student withdrew the graduation application)

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What role do I request to access graduation review status functionality?

After you attend a graduation clearance workshop, if you work in a dean's office request the FSU_SR_GRADUATION_DEAN role. If you work in the Registrar's Office, request FSU_SR_GRADUATION_RECORDS.

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How does graduation review status work?

Graduation review status offers a more detailed view of a student's progress toward graduation than the degree checkout status (basically, it's a breakdown of the In Review degree checkout status).

The review status sequence is as follows:

1. The review begins

2. The review status is updated by the Registrar's and Dean's offices (see image and table below).

NOTE: The review status can be updated with a batch process that applies the same value to a defined group of students.

3. The review status updates the degree checkout status as appropriate.

4. The student/s is approved by the Registrar's and Dean's offices.

NOTE: A batch process updates the Degree Approved to Award status. This is the master approval that allows degrees to post, and it's based on confirming that both the Registrar's and Dean's offices have approved the degree.

Graduation Review Status

Review status values can be applied according to the following chart:

Applied by Student Applied by Registrar's Office Applied by Dean's Office Applied by Batch Process
  Approved by Registrar Approved by Dean Degree Approved to Award
  Deny-Does Not Meet Unvsty Reqs Deny-Does Not Meet College Reqs  
    Deny-Does Not Meet Major Reqs  
  Reg, Ok, pending current enr Dean, Ok, pending current enr  
  Reg: Reviewed, may yet clear Dean: Reviewed, may yet clear  
  Reg: Needs detailed review Dean: Needs detailed review  
Applied for Graduation      
Student withdrew application Student withdrew application Student withdrew application  

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What can I do in the Graduation Tracking Worksheet?

Navigate to Main Menu> Records and Enrollment> Graduation>Graduation Tracking. The Graduation Tracking "worksheet" appears. This is the area where you input the graduation review status and make any notes about the a student's progress towards graduation.


1. If different from the current date, choose the date on which the graduation review status should update.

CAUTION! The system requires you to enter information in a particular sequence. First, select the Status Date. Then, in the Graduation Review Status drop-down box, select a value.

Selection Order---Status Date first

2. From the Graduation Review Status drop-down, select the status.

Status = Doesn't Meet University Requirements

NOTE: After saving a review status, to update it select the Update Graduation Status check box. A New Graduation Review drop-down box appears.

Update Grad Status

3. In the Enrollment area, you can add a note per class. Select Show All to see all of the student's classes. Select a preconfigured note by clicking the Look Up button.

Grad Notes on Classes

4. In the Graduation Notes area, if necessary, click the Plus (+) button to add a row.

Select a pre-configured note by clicking the Look Up button. Alternately (or in addition), you can type a note in the Comment field.

NOTE: Using the Graduation Tracking Search feature, you can query based on pre-configured notes. Free-form notes are not query-able.

Graduation Notes area

The list of the available, pre-configured notes when you click either the Class Information or Graduation Notes Look Up button:

Preconfigured Grad Notes screen shot

5. DO NOT select values for the Honors area. Honors are applied through a batch process.

Do Not Use Honors

6. Click Save, and the notes are saved.

7. Henceforth, anyone with access to this area can click the View Status History button and see a record of the actions taken.

View Status History button

Graduation Status History

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How do I search for groups of students defined by academic- or graduation-related criteria in Graduation Tracking Search?


1. Navigate to Main Menu> Records and Enrollment> Graduation>Graduation Tracking Search. The Graduation Tracking Search page appears.

IMPORTANT: Remember that Student Central can return only 300 rows of information. If you think the student group exceeds 300 individuals, you'll need to use the PS Query option.

2. Select criteria for your search. In this example, the report will return students who are

  • Academic Career: Undergraduate
  • Academic Program: Bachelor's Degree
  • Academic Plan: Accounting - BS
  • Expected Graduation Term 2013 Fall
  • Graduation Review Status; Applied for Graduation
  • Campus: MAIN

Graduation Tracking Search page screen shot

3. Click Search and the results display below the search fields.

Search Results screen shot

4. Click a View Student Details link to see the Graduation Tracking/Graduation Review Status page for a particular student.

5. Click the Save Search Criteria link to save the search. The Save Search As dialog box appears.

Save Search As screen shot

6. Type a search name and click Save.

7. The search name appears appears in the Search Name drop-down box, and you can select it for subsequent searches.

Search Name drop down screen shot

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How do I use PS Query to search for groups of students defined by academic- or graduation-related criteria?


1. Navigate to Main Menu>Reporting Tools> Query>Query Manager.

2. Search By Query Name and begins with FSU_SR_GRAD_LST. Queries beginning with that name appear.

report name

3. Select the report to run and click the Excel link.

4. You might get an error like this if you haven't allowed pop-ups. If so, select Allow and click the Excel link again.


5. The query criteria fields appear. Supply the appropriate values.

Query Critieria screen shot

6. Click the View Results button. A dialog box appears asking if you want to open or save the file. Click OK to view immediately, or click Save File to save before viewing.

Open or Save dialog screen shot

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How do I familiarize myself with what a student sees when he or she applies for graduation?

Check out the topic at Students>How To>Apply to Graduate.


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