Apply to Graduate


Applying for graduation is quick and easy using your Student Center Graduation Application. If you're eligible to graduate, follow the steps below to begin the process.



Log on to with your FSUID and password. On your Student portal page, under the mFSU Links area click the SC icon.




1. After navigating to your Student Center, look in the Academics area and click the drop-down box's arrow. Select Apply for Graduation and click the Go button. The Apply for Graduation/Submit an Application for Graduation page appears.

Apply for Graduation selection screen shot


2. Click the Apply for Graduation link. The Apply for Graduation/Select Graduation Term page appears.

Apply for Graduation link screen shot


3. Select your expected graduation term from the Expected Graduation Term drop-down box and click Continue. The Apply for Graduation/Verify Graduation Data page appears.

NOTE: If you have another program from which you're eligible to graduate, click Select Different Program to choose it.

Expected Graduation Term screen shot


4. Verify the degree information and click Submit Application. The Apply for Graduation/Submit Confirmation page appears.

Submit Application screen shot


5. Click the My Academics tab. Your My Academics page appears where you can view your graduation status, edit your name as it will appear on your diploma, as well as edit the mailing address to which you want the diploma sent.

Submit Confirmation screen shot


6. On the My Academics page, click the View my graduation status link. The Graduation Status page appears.

View my graduation status screen shot


7. If you need to change your name, click the Your Diploma Name link. The Add a New Name form appears.

Diploma Name screen shot


8. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the diploma and click Save. The Add a new Name/Save Confirmation appears.

NOTE: Keep in mind, "your name as you would like it to appear on your diploma" really means "your name as YOUR MOTHER would expect it to appear on your diploma."

Add a New Name form screen shot


9. Click OK. The Graduation Status page reappears.

Name Confirmation OK button


10. Verify the accuracy of the name change. If you need to change your address, click the Update address for diploma link. The Edit Address form appears.

Grad Status with Name edits screen shot


11. Enter the address to which you want your diploma mailed and click OK. The Addresses/Add a new address verification page appears.

Edit Address from screenshot


12. Verify the address change and click Save. The Graduation Status page reappears displaying the edited address.

Address verification page screen shot


13. You're finished!

Graduation Status page with Address Change screen shot

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